Aquila - OBD II

The Aquila OBD II GPS tracker is a powerful and versatile device that combines GPS tracking with onboard vehicle diagnostics capabilities. With its OBD-II interface, this tracker can acquire and send vehicle-related parameters and diagnostic information to a server through GSM/GPRS for processing. This opens up a wide range of services and applications for users and presents a significant business opportunity within the automobile ecosystem.

The Aquila OBD II GPS tracker features a motion sensor with a 3-axis accelerometer, allowing for accurate tracking and monitoring of vehicle movement. It also supports CAN and K-Line protocols for vehicle data acquisition, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of vehicles. The tracker is housed in a durable ABS plastic casing and features internal GSM and GPS antennas for reliable and efficient communication.

With real-time tracking capabilities, the Aquila OBD II GPS tracker provides up-to-date location information for vehicles. It can send acquired data via GPRS using TCP/IP protocols, with a smart algorithm that optimizes GPRS connections to save on traffic. The tracker also features power failure detection and over-the-air configuration for easy setup and maintenance.

Additional features of the Aquila OBD II GPS tracker include Bluetooth connectivity (optional), superior automatic protocol detection algorithm, the ability to read both standard and manufacturer-specific parameters, and vehicle battery voltage monitoring. With its small and plug-and-play design, this tracker is easy to install and use, making it an ideal choice for fleet management, vehicle tracking, and other applications that require both GPS tracking and onboard vehicle diagnostics capabilities.

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