GalileoSky - GALILEOSKY Lite v1.8.5


GPS-tracker GALILEOSKY determines the coordinates of a moving vehicle, saving the time data, the route and the sensors in the form of points with geographic coordinates, which are then transmitted to the server to handle the dispatch center.

Device GALILEOSKY, installed on the vehicle reveals such serious violations of the operation, as a deviation from the specified route and non-combustible waste of a dedicated reserve. The result of the introduction of satellite tracking system is a significant reduction in costs to the organization at the expense of fuel economy, reduce the transport mileage and improve the overall level of labor discipline drivers.

In addition to tracking misuse of vehicles, GPS-tracker GALILEOSKY virtually eliminate the likelihood of vehicle theft. In the event of an emergency situation the driver can immediately send an alarm by pressing a special button. If the vehicle will still be stolen, then find it is not difficult, as tiny and inconspicuous GPS-tracker will regularly send location data.

The main function of the device:

  • Control of movement of any vehicles;
  • A detailed drawing of the track TC without breaks even in the absence of communication;
  • Two full-function analog / digital / frequency / pulse inputs (also possible to install a panic button);
  • One transistor output (output type "open collector");
  • Built-in accelerometer to filter false origin;
  • Built-in thermometer for the diagnosis of the temperature inside the unit;
  • Function economical driving «EcoDrive» (sudden acceleration, braking bumps on bumps);
  • Remote configuration and diagnostics via GPRS through the Configurator without disconnecting from the server data monitoring;
  • Built-in non-volatile memory to save up to 58 000 points;
  • Flexible settings "Sleeping mode" in the parking lot.

Special purpose

  • Tracking the movement of the vehicle;
  • Tracking the character of the vehicle;
  • Detection of drains and refills (only analog sensors).

The information transmitted by the terminal

  • Coordinates TC: latitude, longitude, altitude;
  • The speed and direction of movement of the vehicle;
  • Violations (speeding);
  • The level of vibration in the vehicle;
  • Fuel Control;
  • The exact date and time for Greenwich Mean Time;
  • The temperature inside the device;
  • Status inputs (buttons), analog sensors;
  • Status of digital outputs.


Number of digital inputs 2
Number of analog inputs 2
Number of digital outputs 1
1-wire bus no
RS-485 bus no
RS-232 bus no
Bus CAN (FMS) no
Connecting an external GLONASS receiver no
Backup battery charging circuit no
Voice communication with the driver / speakerphone no
Security features no
Voice messages about the status of the satellite tracking satellite vehicle no
Built-in shock sensor / tilt (only for filtering false coordinates) Yes
Integrated temperature sensor Yes
Remote temperature sensor no
Operation and settings via SMS Yes
Remote firmware update via GPRS (Firmware) Yes
Control via GPRS (Internet) Yes
Reserve mobile operator (the ability to switch roaming) no
GPS-chipset MTC
Data transfer channel GSM / GPRS / SMS
Type antennas (GPS, GSM) External
PC interface USB 2.0
Voice interface (GSM) no
The internal non-volatile memory flash up to 58,000 points
microSD card no
External battery charging circuit no
Supply voltage 10 to 30
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