GalileoSky - GALILEOSKY V1.8.5

The GALILEOSKY V1.8.5 GPS tracker is a powerful device that allows for accurate tracking of vehicles. It is designed to determine the coordinates of a moving vehicle and save time data, routes, and sensor information in the form of points with geographic coordinates. These data are then transmitted to a server for analysis and monitoring by a dispatch center. With the GALILEOSKY V1.8.5, organizations can significantly reduce costs by improving fuel economy, reducing transport mileage, and enhancing driver discipline. The tracker pays for itself within a few months of use.

In addition to tracking vehicle usage, the GALILEOSKY V1.8.5 GPS tracker also helps prevent vehicle theft. In case of an emergency, the driver can send an alarm by pressing a special button. Even if the vehicle is stolen, the tiny and inconspicuous GPS tracker will regularly send location data, making it easy to locate the vehicle. This feature provides peace of mind and added security for vehicle owners.

The GALILEOSKY V1.8.5 GPS tracker offers a wide range of features to enhance tracking capabilities. It supports online monitoring with continuous connection to the server, as well as offline monitoring by uploading saved files via USB. The tracker can send monitoring data simultaneously to two servers, ensuring redundancy and reliability. It also has a customizable data transmission protocol to save GPRS traffic and reduce costs. The device can be configured via SMS, GPRS, or USB, and it has a user-friendly interface for easy setup and management.

Some outstanding features of the GALILEOSKY V1.8.5 GPS tracker include:

  • On-line monitoring with continuous connection to the server
  • "Stealth mode" for scheduled access to communication
  • Offline monitoring by uploading saved files via USB
  • Customizable data transmission protocol to save GPRS traffic
  • Ability to specify custom settings for international data roaming
  • Data encryption for enhanced security
  • Voice GSM-sided relationship with the driver manager
  • Remote software upgrading via GSM-network
  • Support for two cameras for continuous shooting and event setup
  • Ability to connect a navigator Garmin
  • Built-in non-volatile memory and microSD card support for storing data
  • Determination of vehicle percussion and tilt
  • Multiple inputs and outputs for controlling external equipment
  • Alarms and remote engine start
  • Support for various interfaces such as RS-232, 1-Wire, and CAN
  • Vandal-proof housing made of metal
  • 48 hours of offline work

The GALILEOSKY V1.8.5 GPS tracker is a reliable and versatile device that can be used on all types of vehicles. It undergoes individual quality control and comprehensive testing in different climatic conditions to ensure its high performance and durability. With its advanced features and benefits, the GALILEOSKY V1.8.5 is an excellent choice for organizations and individuals looking for a reliable GPS tracking solution.

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