GalileoSky - GALILEOSKY V2.2.8

The GALILEOSKY GLONASS/GPS V2.2.8 is a versatile and reliable GPS tracker designed for satellite monitoring of vehicles. With this device, you can have total control over all parameters of your vehicle, ensuring its safety and efficiency. The GALILEOSKY GLONASS-tracker offers several advantages compared to other GPS trackers. It combines the functions of a GPS tracker and a GLONASS accessory, but with added benefits. The GLONASS-module power supply is provided by the built-in battery, reducing power consumption and enhancing portability.

This device is manufactured in accordance with the requirements of GOST R and has a GLONASS/GNSS-Forum Test Certificate. It can be used to equip vehicles with GLONASS or GLONASS/GPS satellite navigation systems, complying with the relevant regulations. The GALILEOSKY GLONASS/GPS V2.2.8 comes with a range of outstanding features that make it an excellent choice for vehicle monitoring. It supports online monitoring, allowing continuous communication with the server. It also has a stealth mode for discreet communication and offline monitoring for uploading saved archives via USB. Additionally, it offers the ability to connect two video cameras for continuous and event video recording. The device excels at drawing vehicle tracks even in low satellite signal conditions, ensuring accurate monitoring. It also supports two-way GSM voice communication between the driver and the dispatcher, enhancing communication capabilities.

Other notable features of the GALILEOSKY GLONASS/GPS V2.2.8 include the ability to send photos to the server via GPRS and store them on a microSD card. It can be connected to a Garmin navigator for seamless navigation. The device supports monitoring data sent to two servers simultaneously, providing redundancy and reliability. It also offers an autoinformer function for automatic announcements in public transport vehicles. The GALILEOSKY GLONASS/GPS V2.2.8 allows for special parameters of data transfer in international roaming, reducing expenses for GPRS-traffic. It also includes an alarm system and remote engine start for added security. The built-in non-volatile memory can store up to 58,000 pixels, and with the use of a microSD card, it can store up to 5,000,000 pixels. The device supports CAN-interface and has a built-in CAN-bus scanner for advanced vehicle diagnostics. Firmware upgrades can be done remotely via the GSM-network, and the device can be easily configured via SMS, GPRS, or USB. With its comprehensive features and reliable performance, the GALILEOSKY GLONASS/GPS V2.2.8 is an excellent choice for vehicle monitoring and control.

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