Maxtrack - MTC-700

Solution for Logistics and Risk Management

The MTC-700 family of trackers meets the most elaborate needs of the tracking and telemetry market. Its features deliver the best solutions for logistics operations, risk management, embedded intelligence, collective transportation systems and different types of custom operations.



The MTC-700 family of trackers has been developed to meet the most elaborate needs of the tracking and telemetry market. Its functionalities deliver the best solutions for logistics operations, risk management, embedded intelligence, collective transportation systems, among others. Embedded actions and the Lua language make the equipment even more customizable, addressing different types of operations and business rules.

Once the defined business rules are shipped on the equipment, it does all the checks, without the need for communication with the control center. With the MTC-700 you have total control in your hands. The MTC-700's embedded stock, Moon, and macros module makes it the smartest crawler on the market. The equipment can be configured according to the demands of the operation.

The platform is also developed for critical operations that require communication in any location or situation, relying on satellite communication in regions without GPRS coverage, when connected to an external satellite modem. In case of use of the MTC-700 ADV WI-FI also has wireless communication between the equipment and peripherals through a wi-fi network that allows, for example, connection with smartphones and tablets.



  • The MTC-700 family uses the GPS signal to calculate several important information about the monitored vehicle: positioning, date / time, pedometer, speed.
  • For complete telemetry, the MTC-700 has three telemetry modes: telemetry, which can be amplified through the connection of an input and output expander (MX100), advanced accelerometer telemetry and CAN network telemetry . The PRO model only has embedded telemetry.
  • The MTC-700 family has dual SIM Card, with possibility of SIM Chip. It is able to identify which SIM Card is being used to connect to the server.
  • Programming autonomy: in customization, the client has the possibility to parameterize the equipment by configuring embedded actions or using the interpreted LUA language. (Functionality available in models: FULL, ADV and ADV WI-FI).
  • Integration with external devices: in communication with other devices, physical interfaces can be used with the availability of RS232 and RS485 ports, inputs and outputs.
  • If the GPRS connection fails, the MTC-700 can communicate with the exchange if it is integrated with an external satellite modem.
  • Generates position packets and sends to the server via SMS in the absence of GPRS connection and external power failure (powered only by the internal battery).
  • It is possible to make a snooze as long as the SIM card used in the equipment has a voice packet enabled.
  • Jamming Detection: Jammer can be defined as a signal that interferes with radio frequency signals and may prevent GPRS communication. Jamming detection is the functionality that creates a mark in the position, in order to signal that it was generated on the effect of this "interference".
  • Black Box: works like in airplanes, recording every second the variation of some vehicle information such as: speed, RPM, location and telemetry data, storing the history for about a year. (Functionality available on models: ADV and ADV WI-FI).
  • It has two low-power modes that make it possible to save the vehicle's battery when it is switched off: Low Power Mode and Sleep Mode.
  • Libraries can be drawn up and shipped in the module to perform the various functions. For example: geographical reference library (point, area and fence), drivers, macros, telephones, pre-defined text messages. For the FULL, ADV and ADV WI-FI models also the shipment of audio files is available.
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Set Up MTC-700


To set the tracker send the following commands by SMS messages, the sample setup the device password is 7aQ4, this password is the default

Type the device ID