Maxtrack - MXT-160


With high operational efficiency, the MXT-140 is ideal for high volume operations requiring low field maintenance. One of its differentials is the robustness in relation to electrical protections and impermeability. Presented in two models: MXT-140 A and MXT-140B, differing only in the number of inputs and outputs (check technical specifications).



Its small size and characteristics, coupled with the possibilities of configuration, allow the MXT-140 to be installed  in any place on motorcycles  - where the main problems are exactly related to consumption, interference and impermeability. Its wide application allows the remote monitoring and control of any type of mobile asset, in any region with GPRS coverage.

The MXT-140 has a single internal processor, responsible for positioning, GSM / GPRS connection and embedded applications. This highly optimized architecture makes the product the best consumer ratio available on the market.

  • The  electronic design  ensures operation in the most severe automotive situations in relation to interference and voltage peaks.
  • The  mechanical design  ensures waterproof to the MXT-140, supporting the most diverse situations.

Certification ANATEL MXT-140 Homologation Certificate

"Product Benefited by the Informatics Legislation"



For high volume operations, where the main need is positioning. 
Their robustness, resistance to interference, mechanical requirement, impermeability and voltage variations give great efficiency in these operations, where a product with continuous operation is necessary, without interventions. The result: optimization. 
The MXT-140 is ideal for projects in insurers, financial and rental car fleets, with simplified installation and low complexity of information. 
For these operations, it is possible to provide positioning information, receive emergency triggering (panic button input) and eventually lock the vehicle (output for locking). In addition to these basic actions, The accelerometer information (stopped / moving) can be coupled with the ignition information to identify if there is movement with the vehicle off, which may characterize a theft. 
Another interesting possibility is the use of the virtual ignition which, in addition to simplifying the installation, gives a greater flexibility to choose where the product is installed and still generates information about the situation of the electric part of the vehicle, allowing a proactive action with its owner.

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Set Up MXT-160


To set the tracker send the following commands by SMS messages, the sample setup the device password is ySKv, this password is the default

Type the device ID