Maxtrack - MXT-160

The Maxtrack MXT-160 is a highly efficient GPS tracker that has gained popularity in the market. Its robustness and durability make it ideal for high volume operations that require minimal field maintenance. The MXT-160 comes in two models, MXT-160A and MXT-160B, with the only difference being the number of inputs and outputs. This tracker is known for its small size and versatility, allowing it to be installed in various locations on motorcycles where issues such as consumption, interference, and impermeability are common. With GPRS coverage, it enables remote monitoring and control of any type of mobile asset.

The MXT-160 features a single internal processor responsible for positioning, GSM/GPRS connection, and embedded applications. This optimized architecture ensures the best consumer ratio available in the market. The electronic design of the tracker ensures reliable operation even in severe automotive situations with interference and voltage peaks. Additionally, the mechanical design guarantees waterproofing, making the MXT-160 suitable for diverse environments.

The MXT-160 is certified by ANATEL and complies with the Informatics Legislation. It is an ideal solution for high volume operations that prioritize positioning. Its robustness, resistance to interference, mechanical requirements, impermeability, and voltage variations make it highly efficient in continuous operations without the need for frequent interventions. This tracker is commonly used in projects involving insurers, financial institutions, and rental car fleets. It offers simplified installation and low complexity of information. In addition to providing positioning information, it can receive emergency triggers, such as panic button inputs, and even lock the vehicle through its output. The MXT-160 also features an accelerometer that can be used to detect movement when the vehicle is off, potentially indicating theft. The virtual ignition feature simplifies installation and provides flexibility in choosing the installation location while generating information about the vehicle's electrical system for proactive actions.

Key Features:

  • Robust and durable design
  • Small size for easy installation
  • Remote monitoring and control of mobile assets
  • Optimized architecture for efficient performance
  • Resistance to interference and voltage peaks
  • Waterproof design for versatile use
  • Certified by ANATEL and compliant with Informatics Legislation
  • Ideal for high volume operations with minimal maintenance
  • Simplified installation and low complexity of information
  • Emergency trigger and vehicle locking capabilities
  • Accelerometer for theft detection
  • Virtual ignition for flexible installation and proactive actions
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Set Up MXT-160


To set the tracker send the following commands by SMS messages, the sample setup the device password is KPoO, this password is the default

Type the device ID