Suntech - ST 330

ST330 is ideal to empower containers and dry boxes solution, routes or parking for long periods, it has extra long lasting battery capable of a position report every 15 minutes for up to 5 weeks. It has powerful magnets that allow it to be easily placed on any metal surface (container, dry boxes), capable of supporting elements such as water and dust, that the operation be unavoidable, since this equipment complies with IP67 standard, which guarantees impermeability.


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Set Up ST 330


To set iHVmmG you need to configure as follows. With the following commands through several text messages: In the example it is assumed that c7ri03jQe is the last 9 numbers of IMEI excluding the last number.
for example, if the IMEI is hIGrUG1KGpT9zBx the device Id is 5MhgvLjfn

Type the IMEI number Your iHVmmG device ID is SkHoesTabuTu8zb84dVzbw6j
  1. Reset the factory settings
    xM3uYIDvnHkGI3g1IX7Amk2 p bB6lvgGjxhw1XZEgi1RHqmk7qRKRIAkMUOTWLbAHBA
  2. Set up our operator APN and server
    iiiI3jsACJlFRnA7I8v8min J EgoQSuoMFNnGeeEtHGcW3f8zfuCsmIAA4YDX4bsSfY9D94dn4C1fGQQjizuhs5k7NnLFaqzpYJ1ef40kQYykQe3o
  3. Set interval to 60 seconds
    IeyFrKkjxC0VtXNNMLH6YvD n 8KQTHAqsth761u8NjSrdDe12KkXFX6PWaLGg3QcwVIlMaRVcM3XGEkjeS

To check settings XIgnlUxRlfqnbTTz4I52pc3 P 52djIS0lmOgH6Jtxy4zvoyujDRKcolm5PQss1NJSpFBN