Totemtech - AT07-3G

The Totemtech AT07-3G GPS tracker is a versatile and reliable device that offers a wide range of features to meet your tracking needs. With the ability to send data to two servers simultaneously, you can ensure that your tracking information is always accessible and secure. The built-in 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer allows for movement status monitoring, providing you with valuable insights into the activity of your tracked object.

One standout feature of the AT07-3G is its support for Micro SD card storage, allowing for the storage of large amounts of data. This is especially useful for situations where a continuous stream of data needs to be recorded. Additionally, the firmware can be easily upgraded over-the-air (OTA), ensuring that you always have access to the latest features and improvements.

The AT07-3G is designed to be versatile and user-friendly. It supports various methods of communication, including GPRS, SMS, and USB, allowing you to send commands to the tracker in the most convenient way for you. Real-time tracking and history data traces tracking provide you with a comprehensive view of the tracked object's movements. The tracker also features user-defined settings on I/O ports, allowing for customization and integration with other devices or systems.

With its high GPS positioning accuracy and UMTS/HSPA+ and GSM/GPRS/EDGE coverage, the AT07-3G ensures reliable and accurate tracking. It supports voice SMS and GPRS TCP/UDP communications, giving you multiple options for communication with the tracker. The tracker can be tracked in real-time using a cell phone or web-based tracking software, providing you with flexibility and convenience.

The AT07-3G also offers a range of alarm types, including over-speed, low power, tremble, parking, SOS, exterior power off, and internal power low alarms. This allows you to stay informed of any unusual events or situations related to the tracked object. The tracker also features intelligent power management, with different power modes to optimize power consumption.

In terms of technical specifications, the AT07-3G is powered by an STM32F103RBT6 MCU and has a power supply range of +12v to +50v. It comes with a backup battery of 800mAh and has a normal power consumption of 2W, with a peak consumption of 12.5W. The dimensions of the tracker are 89*55*25mm, and it weighs 100g. It operates in a temperature range of -20° to 60° C and has a humidity range of 5% to 95% non-condensing.

Overall, the Totemtech AT07-3G GPS tracker is a reliable and feature-rich device that offers a wide range of capabilities for tracking and monitoring. Whether you need to track vehicles, assets, or people, the AT07-3G provides the necessary features and functionality to meet your needs.

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Set Up AT07-3G


To set the tracker send the following commands by SMS messages, the sample setup the device password is eFARwK, this password is the default

  1. Factory reset
  2. Set the operator APN
  3. Set the GPRS server
  4. Set ACK
  5. Set the update interval, 60 seconds