Plaspy, Locate and manage all your devices in one place.

Plaspy Satellite Tracking

Plaspy is a satellite tracking platform (GPS, Glonass, Galileo), in real time, tracker history up to 1 year, statistics, alerts, reports, sensors, accessories and more.

  • Satellite tracking for vehicles, motorcycles, assets, persons, pets, cell phones, etc.
  • Compatible with more than 300 tracker references and mobile app on Android, iPhone and Windows Phone.
  • High availability and security encrypted by SSL certificates.

Free trial for 30 days. device price $0.99 USD per month.

Free trial per 30 days

Start to work today with Plaspy and will pay the next month.

From $0.99 USD per device

Only $0.99 USD monthly per device, you can enjoy the Plaspy features.

No contracts

Cancel any time the subscription, no contracts, no setup or cancel fees.

Stay connected and productive with our high availability services

Because every day we care about providing a better state-of-the-art technological service, that is why our peripheral global network allows us to have a reliable, low-latency and high-performance network system throughout the world.

We are connected in multiple regions and backbones around the world, enabling us to deliver high availability and content acceleration. With more than 410 points of presence and a connection to tens of thousands of networks, our platform is the perfect solution for any business that wants to get the most out of it. Contact us today to find out more and start experiencing the benefits of our cutting-edge platform!

  • Protection against network attacks.
  • SSL/TLS and HTTPS encryptions to protect the transfer of data and information.
  • Restricted access control.

Optimally load and control the contents automatically, even when there are a greater number of requests, events or activities.

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Start your satellite tracking business

We give tools to start your satellite tracking business, with Plaspy as platform provider as SaaS, profitable business with your own mark.

  • Satellite tracking platform white label, stored and executed on Plaspy servers SaaS.
  • Start your business without big investments, pay monthly only for the resources used, no setup fees.
  • Keep updated without the technical knowledge.
  • Plaspy has high availability servers 99.95%
  • Customizing features, server name, URL, logo, styles, chat, etc. (Restrictions can be apply).
  • Manage your users, profiles and devices.


Plaspy Satellite Tracking, is designed to monitor the information of your devices, no matter how many devices you have in your account, you can control from one device to thousands of devices, real-time tracking, history for up to a year, statistics, notifications, sensors, accessories etc.


Locate all your devices in real time (Vehicles, motorcycles, cargo, people, pets, mobile phones, etc.). You can select multiple maps (Google, Bing, Yandex, OSM, etc.), view the information about the device location, speed, direction, fuel, temperature, sensors, accessories, etc. (Tracker conditions apply).


Receive alerts or notifications about your devices via email (speeding, SOS, sensor activation, sensor deactivation, inactive time, fuel, vibration, Geo Fences, etc.) without increasing costs.
Plaspy allows you to perform actions on the device such as sending commands to the tracker via GPRS or GSM (circuit shutdown, fuel, etc.) Or even taking a photo for compatible devices.

History and Statistics

Plaspy allows you to consult the information of the device's route of One day or several days, by date or time range, you can download it in Microsoft Excel and Google Earth format.
Check the statistics that the device generates such as kilometers traveled, fuel consumption, active sensors, generated alerts, etc.


Draw zones according to your need, prohibited zones: alert when a device enters the delimited zone, allowed zones: alert when a device leaves that zone, zone or control point: alert when the device enters or passes through this zone.

Mobile App

Download the mobile application on your mobile phone (Android, iPhone, Windows Phone), to check devices associated with your account or your account status information.
Plaspy with its mobile application you have the option to track phones or tablets in real time.


Plaspy has a wide range of compatible accessories such as digital sensors, analog sensors, battery, fuel, tachometer, vibration, odometer, temperature, RFID cameras, etc.
Through a 3G mobile phone or tablet running Android OS, you can view live video, upload it to Plaspy's servers for 1 day, or store the video or photos on your device.




  • 1 Year term 20%
  • More than 51 devices 5%
  • More than 101 devices 20%
  • More than 201 devices 25%
  • More than 501 devices 30%