Falcom - FOX3-3G

FOX3-3G Series is a compact all-in-one vehicle telematics and gateway device combining HSPA+/2G high-speed data connection with the latest GNSS technology to completely satisfy customer’s need. It is a highly customizable vehicle telematics device and it offers a variety of inputs and outputs to satisfy the most demanding requirements.

A box (IOBOX-MINI, IOBOX-CAN or IOBOX-WLAN) can be used to extend the functionality of the FOX3-3G Series for the most flexible expansion options in the industry.

FOX3-3G Series is designed to operate with internal or external antennas. Built-in internal antennas are automatically turned off while external antennas are in use.

This device will dramatically simplify your logistics as well as the installation process and the post-installation support. Newly developed FALCOM „Premium-Features“ show the way to the future of mobile data logging, storing, processing and sending. FOX3-3G Series is an advanced and fully customizable vehicle tracking device. FOX3-3G Series offers new features like: Data Encryption, several History Modes, Eco-Drive/Behaviour, Data Logging GSM/GPS jamming detection beside standard items like status reports, alerts messaging, audio call, spy calls or geofencing.

Except the FOX3-3G-AU model, all other models of this device serie do not support audio interface.

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Set Up FOX3-3G