Homtecs - G50

G50 High Speed 4G LTE Rugged Router is a kind of internet of things wireless communication router. It uses 5 modes 13 bands(TDD/TDScdma/FDD/WCDMA/GSM) or 7 modes 15 bands(TDD/TDScdma/FDD/WCDMA/GSM/EVDO/CDMA 1X) mobile broadband network, to provide convenient and high speed network transmission function.


This series of product uses industrial grade ARM dual-core communication processor, and embedded real-time operation system as software supporting platform. It provides safe, high speed, stable 3G/4G wireless network, and provides 4 gigabit Ethernet, RS-485/232 and 2.4G/5G WIFI interface.


It can be used in finance, postal, smart power grids, smart transportation, environment monitor, fire protection monitor, security, water conservancy, public safety, advertising release, industrial control, earth quake monitor, meteorological watch, instrument monitor.etc


Industrial design

- Use high performance industrial wireless module

- Use high performance industrial ARM dual-core processor

- Support low power consumption, include sleep mode, timing online and offline mode, timing switch on and off mode

- Use plate metal CRS shell, with good heat dissipation

- Power supply: +7.5V~32V DC

- Degree of protection: IP34(can be extended to IP51)


Network characteristic

- Port flow detection

- Link real time monitoring

- Multiple VPN protocol(PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, GRE, VPN)

- Support serial port DTU function

- Support dial as required(audio, SMS, data trigger)

- Support UPnP 


- Soft and hardware watchdog and multilevel link detection, with the capability of fault automatic diagnosis and automatic recovery, to ensure device working on stable and safe way

- Multiple-mechanisms of equipment self-checking, to ensure link unimpeded and alarming

- ESD protection for each port, to prevent static shock

- Wireless network signal indicator light(NET)


Remote management

- Remote parameter configuration

- Remote parameter backup

- Remote reboot and log query

- Remote upgrading

- Remote online monitoring

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