Homtecs - H50

The HomtecsM2M H50 3G Router is a versatile and reliable internet of things wireless communication router. It utilizes HSPA+ mobile broadband network technology to provide fast and convenient transmission capabilities. With backward compatibility to existing 3G networks, this router offers high-speed connectivity of up to 21.6Mbps, as well as standard HSPA, EDGE, and GPRS connectivity options. Designed with industrial applications in mind, the HomtecsM2M H50 3G Router is built to withstand tough conditions and provide a reliable connection. It is an ideal solution for various industries such as M2M, CCTV, security, media, energy, utilities, retail, and transportation, where IP connectivity between devices and hosts on the internet is crucial. This router can be used with fixed IP SIMs or normal data SIMs, and it also supports Dynamic DNS for seamless connectivity across operator networks. With its stay-alive features, the HomtecsM2M H50 3G Router ensures continuous and reliable remote site communications, making it particularly suitable for applications like CCTV and telemetry. It offers high-capacity HSPA+ connection while maintaining a secure and discrete communications service. This router provides excellent technical capabilities and a commercially competitive proposition compared to other products in the market. The HomtecsM2M H50 3G Router comes with a compact metal housing and a robust industrial design. It features strong electromagnetic interference resistance, heat endurance, and radiation ability. It supports multiple VPN protocols, network protocols, and functions such as DHCP, DNS, DDNS, firewall, NAT, and DMZ host. With built-in watch dog and multi-link detection, it ensures stable and secure operation. The router also supports 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi with a data rate of 21.6Mbps, and it has 4 LAN ports and 1 WAN port that can be configured to operate as a LAN port, allowing for the connection of up to five wired devices if needed. Additionally, it has GSM and Wi-Fi antenna connections for enhanced signal strength. The HomtecsM2M H50 3G Router supports various management platforms and protocols, including web, CLI, SSH, SNMP, and NTP, making it easy to configure and manage. It also offers advanced optional features such as different network types, Wi-Fi options, GPS capability for fleet management or tracking applications, dual SIM modules for failover and backup, serial communication function, and more. With its shock and vibration resistance, this router is built to withstand demanding environments. Please note that this router is designed for simple remote monitoring and management applications, and if you require advanced or failover features, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer before making a purchase.

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