Jointech - JT705A

The Jointech JT705A is an intelligent container monitoring device designed specifically for ISO containers, reefer containers, and van trucks. This advanced GPS tracker offers a range of features to ensure the security and safety of your cargo. With real-time tracking capabilities, you can monitor the location of your container at any time, giving you peace of mind and the ability to respond quickly to any unexpected events.

One of the standout features of the JT705A is its ability to provide online or near-field offline unsealing. This means that you can remotely unlock the container or seal it offline when in close proximity to the device. This feature is particularly useful for situations where immediate access to the container is required, such as during customs inspections or urgent deliveries.

In addition to tracking and unsealing capabilities, the JT705A also offers cargo surrounding environment detection. This means that the device can monitor the temperature inside the container and send an alarm if there are any significant changes. This is especially important for transporting perishable goods or sensitive materials that require specific temperature conditions.

Furthermore, the JT705A can detect door openings and monitor the status of the container's doors. If the doors are opened without authorization, the device will send an alert, allowing you to take immediate action to prevent theft or unauthorized access to your cargo. This feature is invaluable for ensuring the security of your goods during transportation.

The Jointech JT705A is a reliable and versatile GPS tracker that is specifically designed for container monitoring. With its real-time tracking, unsealing capabilities, cargo environment detection, and door monitoring, this device provides comprehensive security and peace of mind for your valuable cargo.

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Set Up JT705A


To set the tracker send the following commands by SMS messages

Type the device ID
  1. Set the GPRS server and APN
  2. Set the APN user and password