Jointech - JT802

The Jointech JT802 Tank Truck Intelligent Valve Lock is a versatile and advanced slave lock designed to enhance the functionality of the JT701D/JT701L intelligent electronic locks. With the JT802, tank truck customers can enjoy the benefits of having one master lock and multiple slave locks (multi-valve) in their application scenarios. This lock supports remote modification of product configuration parameters, allowing for easy customization and adaptability to different needs.

Equipped with a disposable lithium manganese battery, the JT802 boasts low power consumption and long-lasting performance. This ensures that the lock can be used for extended periods without the need for frequent battery replacements. Additionally, the lock provides high-precision asset timing tracking information through the master lock JT701D/JT701L and mobile phone positioning. This allows for accurate and reliable tracking of assets, providing valuable insights into their location and movement.

The JT802 supports both remote online and on-site Bluetooth offline unlocking methods, providing flexibility and convenience in accessing the lock. It also offers real-time monitoring and historical trajectory playback on different platforms, allowing users to easily track the valve lock status and access alarm information. Furthermore, the lock has passed explosion-proof certification (intrinsically safe) and is compatible with explosion-proof (intrinsically safe) handheld terminals. This ensures the safety and reliability of the lock in hazardous environments.

With the Jointech JT802 Tank Truck Intelligent Valve Lock, customers can enjoy a lower cost, safer, more efficient, and smarter mobile asset positioning management solution. Its advanced features and robust design make it an ideal choice for tank truck customers looking to enhance the security and management of their assets.

Outstanding Features:

  • Slave lock for tank truck applications
  • Supports remote modification of configuration parameters
  • Disposable lithium manganese battery for long-lasting performance
  • High-precision asset timing tracking
  • Supports remote online and on-site Bluetooth offline unlocking methods
  • Real-time monitoring and historical trajectory playback
  • Explosion-proof certification (intrinsically safe)
  • Compatible with explosion-proof (intrinsically safe) handheld terminals
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Set Up JT802


To set the tracker send the following commands by SMS messages

Type the device ID
  1. Set the GPRS server and APN
  2. Set the APN user and password