Neomatica - ADM007

The Neomatica ADM007 terminal is a versatile GPS tracker designed to be mounted onto vehicles for accurate location tracking. It utilizes signals from the GLONASS/GPS system to register the vehicle's location, speed, and driving direction. Additionally, it can register other parameters such as the state of analog input. All the data collected by the terminal is stored in a non-volatile memory and transmitted through the GSM network using GPRS packet data transmission technology to a dedicated server. This data can then be accessed via the internet for further analysis and processing at the dispatcher console.

The ADM007 terminal is specifically designed for applications that require control of movement, such as taxi services, personal transport, and equipment rental companies. Its small size and lightweight design make it suitable for installation on small-sized objects like motorcycles and quadrocopters. The terminal offers a range of outstanding features, including a high-sensitivity receiver for quick location in adverse conditions, a compact case with built-in GSM and GLONASS/GPS antennas, and easy installation. It also provides the flexibility to choose between the GLONASS, GPS, or GLONASS+GPS navigation systems.

Other notable features of the ADM007 terminal include remote updating of firmware via GPRS, support for domain name as the server address, password protection of the terminal and SIM card against unauthorized operation, and a wide range of supply voltage. It is designed to operate at a voltage range of 8.5 to 40V, with short-time operation possible at voltages up to 50V. The terminal also has built-in protection against power surges over 50V. It is backed by a two-year warranty period and offers technical support from the manufacturer. With its compact size, low weight, and reliable performance, the Neomatica ADM007 terminal is an excellent choice for efficient and accurate vehicle tracking.

Key Features:

  • High-sensitivity receiver for quick location in adverse conditions
  • Compact case with built-in GSM and GLONASS/GPS antennas
  • Easy installation
  • Possibility to choose navigation system (GLONASS, GPS, GLONASS+GPS)
  • Remote updating of terminal firmware via GPRS
  • Wide range of supply voltage (8.5 to 40V)
  • Support for domain name as the server address
  • Password protection of terminal and SIM card against unauthorized operation
  • PCT certificate and TR CU 020/2011 declaration
  • Compact size and low weight
  • Two-year warranty period
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