Neomatica - ADM700

The Neomatica ADM700 is a versatile GPS tracker designed to accurately identify the location, speed, and motion direction of vehicles using the GLONASS/GPS system. It goes beyond basic tracking capabilities by recording various parameters such as analog and digital inputs condition and signals from sensors. All the data collected by the terminal is stored in non-volatile memory and transmitted through the GSM cellular network using GPRS packet data transmission technology to a dedicated server. This allows users to access the data via the internet for further analysis and processing.

One of the standout features of the ADM700 is its high-sensitivity receiver, which ensures quick location identification even in harsh environments. The device is housed in a dust- and waterproof casing that complies with the IP65 standard, making it suitable for use in various weather conditions. Additionally, the shock-proof housing protects the terminal against mechanical damage, meeting the IK07 standard.

Installation of the ADM700 is a breeze, thanks to its compact design and inbuilt GSM and GLONASS/GPS antennas. The device also features an anti-tamper sensor, providing an extra layer of security. Users have the flexibility to choose between the GLONASS, GPS, or GLONASS+GPS navigation systems. Even when the vehicle is stopped, there is no loss of location reference, ensuring continuous tracking accuracy.

Other notable features of the ADM700 include remote firmware updates via GPRS, support for the open and flexible protocol compatible with most telematics servers, EGTS protocol support, domain name support as a server address, and password protection for both the terminal and SIM card. Neomatica provides excellent technical support and backs the ADM700 with a one-year warranty, giving users peace of mind.

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