Change Log - 2022-10-29

  • The option to add alternate email was added to my account.
  • Added to my account, account security records such as logins, password changes, etc.
  • Phone lines can now be managed and renewed.

  • SDG points can now be redeemed.

  • All stats for a device can now be downloaded.
  • A new API Rest version was implemented by means of the Bearing JWT token with which sub-users can enter to consult the devices, locations and alerts.
  • The option was added in the purchases, to enter the advisor's code.
  • Color controls have been migrated to facilitate use in mobile applications.
  • Fixed a bug when activating subscriptions for 1 year.
  • Added iStartek protocol.
  • Added a new event to the Intellitrac protocol.
  • Added the variant to the H02 protocol called H02.Km for the trackers that send the speed in Km/h and not knots as is the original protocol.