Gosafe - G1RUS

The Gosafe G1RUS is a GPS tracker with an impressive long battery life, making it an ideal choice for those who require extended tracking capabilities. With its unique design and power standard, the G1RUS offers users the option to choose between replaceable or rechargeable batteries. Powered by CR123 replaceable batteries with a total capacity of 6000mAh, this tracker has enough juice to send one message a day for three years. Alternatively, it can also be equipped with 5000mAh rechargeable batteries and charged via an external power connector.

In addition to its long battery life, the G1RUS boasts a range of outstanding features. It is equipped with a highly sensitive GPS, ensuring accurate and precise location tracking. The tracker also features a quad-band GSM modem, with the option to upgrade to a 3G modem or LTE CAT-1 for enhanced connectivity. With FOTA (Firmware Update OTA) capabilities, the G1RUS allows for easy and convenient firmware updates.

Furthermore, the G1RUS offers flexible programming rules, configurable inputs and outputs, and conditional-based profiles, allowing users to customize the tracker to their specific needs. It also supports multiple data upload modes, ensuring seamless data transmission. With its rugged design and multiple installation options, including screws, bolts, or a magnet shell, the G1RUS can be easily installed in various settings. Additionally, it features a 28-day, time, and speed-based geo-fence, as well as 128 waypoints for efficient delivery management.

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