Gosafe - G777

The Gosafe G777 is a highly advanced OBD II GPS tracker that offers a comprehensive tracking solution for your vehicle. With its leading alert system and flexible programming rules, this tracker ensures that you have complete control over monitoring and managing your vehicle's activities.

One of the standout features of the G777 is its advanced engine that continuously monitors all vehicle conditions and supports user-defined exception-based rules. This means that you can set specific thresholds and conditions based on time, date, motion, location, geo-zone, speed, and other event combinations. The tracker will then respond instantaneously to any pre-defined threshold being breached, allowing you to take immediate action.

Whether you're a fleet manager looking to optimize your operations or a concerned vehicle owner wanting to ensure the safety and security of your vehicle, the Gosafe G777 is the perfect solution. With its advanced features and customizable programming, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have complete control over your vehicle's tracking and monitoring.

Key Features:

  • Leading alert system with flexible programming rules
  • User-defined exception-based rules for customized monitoring
  • Continuous monitoring of vehicle status
  • Instantaneous response to pre-defined threshold breaches
  • Supports time, date, motion, location, geo-zone, speed, and event combinations
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