Jointech - GP 6000

The Jointech GP 6000 is a versatile GPS tracker that offers a wide range of features and capabilities. With SMS and GPRS communication, as well as TCP/UDP support, this tracker allows for seamless and reliable communication. It also supports voice communication, providing an additional layer of functionality. One of the standout features of the GP 6000 is its real-time tracking capabilities. Whether you prefer to track based on time intervals, distance intervals, or using the intelligent mode, this tracker has you covered. This means you can always stay updated on the location of your vehicle or asset. The GP 6000 also boasts intelligent power management, with four different modes to choose from. This allows you to optimize the battery life of the tracker based on your specific needs. Additionally, the tracker supports authorized cellphone SMS remote configuration, making it easy to customize and adjust settings as needed. Firmware upgrades can also be done conveniently through PC COM ports. In terms of security, the GP 6000 offers an emergency immobilization feature, allowing you to remotely immobilize the vehicle in case of an emergency. This can be a valuable tool in preventing theft or unauthorized use of your vehicle. Another unique feature of the GP 6000 is its bar-code scanner solution. This can be particularly useful in scenarios where you need to track and manage inventory or assets with bar-code labels. The GP 6000 also offers a range of reporting capabilities, including daily mileage reports, over-speed reports, journey reports, parking reports, idling reports, fatigue driving reports, GSM signal monitoring reports, and voice call reports. This wealth of information can help you gain valuable insights into the usage and performance of your vehicle or asset. With up to 1 month of history data log storage and support for 64 geo-fencing setups and reports, the GP 6000 is a powerful and reliable GPS tracker that can meet the needs of a variety of applications. Whether you need to track a fleet of vehicles, monitor the location of valuable assets, or improve the efficiency of your operations, the GP 6000 is a reliable and feature-rich solution.

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Set Up GP 6000


To set the tracker send the following commands by SMS messages

Type the device ID
  1. Set the GPRS server and APN
  2. Set the APN user and password