KJ-GPS - LK100

The LK100 Mini Pet GPS Tracker is a reliable and efficient device designed to ensure the safety and well-being of your beloved pets. With its compact size and lightweight design, this tracker can easily be attached to your pet's collar or harness, providing you with real-time tracking and location information. Whether you have a dog or a cat, this GPS tracker is the perfect solution to keep them safe and secure. One of the standout features of the LK100 is its GPS and Location Based Service (LBS) capabilities. With A-GPS technology, the tracker can still provide accurate location information even when your pet is in underground areas or tunnels. This ensures that you can always keep track of your pet's whereabouts, no matter where they may be. Real-time tracking is another key feature of the LK100. You can easily track your pet's location in real-time using your cell phone or the platform provided. The tracker can also provide location updates every 5 seconds, with a GPS accuracy of 5 meters. This level of precision allows you to quickly and accurately locate your pet at any given time. In addition to real-time tracking, the LK100 also offers a range of other useful features. You can check the history of your pet's route on the platform, allowing you to review their movements over the past year. The tracker also supports two-way communication, allowing you to hear the voice around the tracker and communicate with your pet using your cell phone. The LK100 is equipped with an SOS button, which can be pressed in case of an emergency. When activated, the tracker will send an "help me" SMS to all authorized phone numbers and the web platform, ensuring that you can quickly get assistance when needed. The device also features a power-saving mode, automatically switching to standby mode when there is no vibration for 5 minutes, and returning to working mode when it detects vibration. With the LK100, you can also set up a geo-fence to restrict your pet's movements within a specific area. If your pet breaches the designated district, the tracker will send a message to the authorized phone number, alerting you to their movements. This feature is particularly useful for ensuring that your pet stays within a safe and secure area. Overall, the LK100 Mini Pet GPS Tracker is a reliable and feature-packed device that provides peace of mind for pet owners. With its real-time tracking, communication capabilities, and advanced features such as geo-fencing, this tracker is an essential tool for keeping your pets safe and secure.

Key Features:

  • GPS and Location Based Service (LBS) for accurate tracking
  • Real-time tracking with updates every 5 seconds
  • History route playback on the platform
  • Two-way communication for voice monitoring and communication with your pet
  • SOS button for emergency situations
  • Power-saving mode for extended battery life
  • Google map integration for easy location checking
  • Geo-fence and movement alert to restrict and monitor your pet's movements
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