KJ-GPS - LK900

The LK900 (A/B/C) GPS Car Magnet Tracker from KJ-GPS is a powerful and versatile tracking device designed for various applications. Whether you need to track private cars, rental vehicles, equipment, containers, or cargo, this GPS tracker has got you covered. With its GPS+GSM tracking capabilities, you can monitor the location of your assets in real-time using the platform or mobile app.

One of the standout features of the LK900 is its long standby time, thanks to its 5000/10000/20000mAh built-in backup battery. This ensures that you can track your assets for extended periods without worrying about the battery running out. Additionally, the device offers a range of useful functions such as history-trace checking, geo-fencing, overspeed alert, low battery alert, and more.

The LK900 is equipped with a powerful magnet, allowing for easy attachment to metal surfaces. This makes it ideal for covert tracking or securing the device to vehicles or equipment. Furthermore, the device is IP67 waterproof, ensuring its durability and reliability even in harsh environments. Whether you're tracking a fleet of vehicles or monitoring the movement of valuable assets, the LK900 GPS Car Magnet Tracker is a reliable and feature-packed solution.

Key Features:

  • Real-time tracking for instant location updates
  • Auto-tracking for continuous monitoring of vehicles
  • Blind area tracking to ensure coverage even in areas with poor GPS signal
  • History-trace checking to review past routes and movements
  • Geo-fence for setting up virtual boundaries and receiving alerts
  • Low battery alert to notify users when the battery level is low
  • Built-in powerful magnet for easy attachment to metal surfaces
  • Sleeping power-save mode to extend battery life
  • Remotely voice monitoring for listening to the surrounding audio
  • Movement alarm to detect unauthorized movement
  • Waterproof level IP67 for durability in various environments
  • Auto tracking for automatic monitoring of object movement
  • Overspeed alarm to alert when a certain speed threshold is exceeded
  • Dropped alarm to notify if the device has been dropped or detached
  • Shock alarm to trigger an alert in case of impacts or shocks
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