KJ-GPS - LK109

The LK109 Personal GPS Tracker from KJ-GPS is a versatile and reliable device designed to provide peace of mind for those in need of care, such as the elderly and children. With its compact size and a range of useful features, this tracker is an ideal solution for tracking personal belongings and ensuring the safety of loved ones.

One of the standout features of the LK109 is its small size, making it easy to carry and conceal. It is also waterproof, ensuring durability and reliability even in challenging environments. The tracker utilizes a built-in GPS chip, providing accurate positioning information with a sensitivity of -159dBm and an accuracy of 5 meters. This allows for precise tracking and monitoring of the device's location.

In addition to its GPS capabilities, the LK109 offers a range of other useful functions. It supports SOS alarm and fall alarm features, allowing for immediate assistance in case of emergencies. The Geo-fence feature enables users to set up virtual boundaries and receive alerts when the tracker enters or exits these predefined areas. The device also supports call functionality, allowing for easy communication with the user.

The LK109 Personal GPS Tracker is not only suitable for personal use but also has a wide range of applications. It can be used to track private cars, rental vehicles, and equipment, providing valuable information for fleet management. It is also an excellent tool for protecting children, the elderly, and pets, ensuring their safety and well-being. Additionally, it can be used for managing field staff, tracking criminals discreetly, and providing peace of mind for businessmen.

Highlighted Features:

  • Small size and portable design
  • Built-in GPS chip for accurate positioning
  • Waterproof construction for durability
  • SOS alarm and fall alarm features for emergencies
  • Geo-fence functionality for setting up virtual boundaries
  • Support for phone app tracking on both Android and Apple devices
  • Support for SMS parameter settings and query functions
  • Shock wake-up mode for efficient power management
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