KJ-GPS - LK770

The LK770 GPS Tracker by KJ-GPS is a wired car tracker designed to provide advanced tracking and security features for cars and motorcycles. With its compact size and built-in GPS and GSM antennas, it is easy to install and discreetly monitor your vehicle's location. The tracker supports 2G/4G networks, ensuring reliable and fast communication. One of the standout features of the LK770 GPS Tracker is its comprehensive set of functions. It includes an SOS alarm, allowing you to send an emergency signal in case of an accident or other dangerous situations. Additionally, it has the capability to cut off car fuel and electricity remotely, providing an extra layer of security against theft. The tracker also features a vibration alarm, alerting you if any unauthorized movement or tampering is detected. The LK770 GPS Tracker is compatible with both Android and Apple devices, allowing you to track your vehicle using a phone app. You can easily access location information and check the remaining battery capacity through the app or a web-based platform. The tracker also supports SMS parameter settings and query functions, giving you full control over its settings and configurations. This versatile tracker has a wide range of applications. It can be used to track private cars, vehicle rentals, or equipment located outside. It provides peace-of-mind for businessmen who want to monitor their fleet of vehicles or manage field staff efficiently. Additionally, it can be used for discreetly tracking criminals or suspicious activities. With its small size, advanced features, and compatibility with various networks, the LK770 GPS Tracker is a reliable and efficient solution for tracking and securing your vehicles. Whether you are a concerned parent, a business owner, or a security professional, this tracker ensures that you can track your assets with precision and confidence.

Key Features:

  • Small size with built-in GPS and GSM antennas
  • Easy installation for car tracker
  • Supports Android and Apple app tracking
  • Real-time tracking and history route playback
  • SOS alarm for emergency situations
  • Cut off car fuel and electricity remotely
  • Vibration alarm for unauthorized movement detection
  • Supports SMS parameter settings and query functions
  • Low-power mode and shock wake-up mode

Ensure the safety of your family and protect your valuable assets with the LK770 GPS Tracker by KJ-GPS. Its advanced features, compact design, and compatibility with various networks make it an ideal choice for individuals and businesses looking for reliable tracking and security solutions.

Technical Specifications:

  • Network: GSM & GPRS
  • Band/mHz: 850/900/1800/1900
  • GSM chip: MTK2503
  • GPS chip: MTK2503
  • GPS sensitivity/dBm: -159
  • GPS accuracy/m: 5
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