Ruptela - FM-Plug4

The Ruptela FM-Plug4 is an easy-to-install personal OBD tracker designed for tracking and monitoring light commercial vehicles. It is also equipped with features to protect the vehicle from theft and read OBD-II engine error codes. The device is available in two versions: FM-Plug4+ with an internal battery and FM-Plug4 without an internal battery.

One of the key advantages of the FM-Plug4 is its Plug&Play installation, which eliminates the need to hire and train installers, saving on additional installation costs. The fast and easy installation process also means that there is no need to take the vehicle out of operation for device installation. This makes it a convenient option for fleet owners who want a hassle-free installation process.

The FM-Plug4 can be easily moved from one vehicle to another, making it suitable for companies with fewer vehicles than drivers or when a vehicle is undergoing repairs. In case of theft or device removal, the owner will receive an alert. The device is also equipped with an internal microphone, allowing owners to listen to what is happening inside the vehicle and provide an additional layer of protection. Furthermore, if the vehicle is being towed, the owner will receive an immediate alert to take necessary action.

The FM-Plug4+ version of the tracker has the added functionality of reading OBD-II engine error codes and diagnosing vehicle errors without the need for expensive diagnostics. This feature saves time and helps prevent vehicle breakdowns.

Overall, the Ruptela FM-Plug4 is an ideal choice for fleet monitoring and control, route and order optimization, and promoting eco-friendly driving habits. Its easy installation, versatile usage, and advanced features make it a reliable and efficient GPS tracker for light commercial vehicles.

Key Features:

  • Easy Plug&Play installation
  • Available in two versions: FM-Plug4+ with internal battery and FM-Plug4 without internal battery
  • Can be easily moved between vehicles
  • Alerts for theft or device removal
  • Internal microphone for listening to vehicle activity
  • OBD-II engine error code reading (FM-Plug4+)
  • Driver behavior monitoring for eco-friendly driving
  • Internal Geozones for customized tracking areas
  • Various features accessible via SMS
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