Ruptela - PRO5

The Ruptela PRO5 is an advanced GPS tracker designed for all types of vehicles, including trucks, buses, and specialized machinery. With its versatile capabilities, this tracker is the perfect solution for upgrading your fleet management system. One of the key values of the PRO5 is its versatility. It is suitable for a wide range of vehicles, including trucks, buses, agriculture machinery, and other specialized equipment. It also offers multiple inputs, outputs, and interfaces for accessories, allowing you to customize and expand its functionality to meet your specific needs. Additionally, it features BLE 5.1 technology, providing seamless connectivity and compatibility with other devices. Installation and use of the PRO5 are made easy with its small size, ergonomic design, and screwless housing. Ruptela provides dedicated tools such as the device center and installation assistant, making the setup process hassle-free. Wireless solutions and tailored harnesses further simplify the installation process, ensuring a seamless integration into your vehicles. In terms of performance, the PRO5 excels with its premium GNSS by U-blox and high-quality components. This ensures accurate and reliable tracking of your vehicles, even in challenging environments. The PRO5 also offers advanced features such as reading on-board computer data (CAN), monitoring driver behavior, and managing fuel consumption, providing valuable insights for optimizing your fleet operations. Security is a top priority with the PRO5. It is equipped with tamper and jamming detection capabilities, ensuring that any unauthorized interference is detected and reported. It also features a backup battery, ensuring continuous operation even in the event of a power loss. Additionally, the PRO5 supports TLS v1.2 encryption, ensuring secure communication between the tracker and your fleet management system. With the PRO5, you can enjoy a full solution from one supplier. Ruptela provides not only the GPS tracking device but also a range of suitable accessories to enhance its functionality. This ensures a seamless integration and a comprehensive solution for your fleet management needs. Upgrade your fleet management system with the Ruptela PRO5 and experience the benefits of advanced GPS tracking technology.

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