Ruptela - PLUG5

The Ruptela PLUG5 is an advanced GPS tracker in OBD dongle form factor, designed for easy and precise vehicle tracking. With its Plug & Play installation, autodetection, and autoconfiguration, it offers a hassle-free setup experience. The device also comes with special harnesses for installation into heavy vehicles, as well as dedicated tools such as the device center and configuration assistant to simplify the tracking process.

Featuring premium GNSS technology by U-blox and high-quality components, the PLUG5 delivers excellent performance and accurate location tracking. It is suitable for all types of vehicles and supports various OBD and CANbus parameters, including proprietary manufacturer data. This broad vehicle coverage ensures compatibility with a wide range of vehicles, making it a versatile choice for fleet management and personal vehicle tracking.

Security is a top priority with the PLUG5. It includes features such as jamming detection, unplug detection, and a backup battery to ensure uninterrupted tracking even in challenging situations. Additionally, it supports TLS v1.2 encryption for secure data transmission, providing peace of mind for users.

With the PLUG5, you get a full solution from one supplier. The GPS tracking device is combined with suitable accessories, offering a comprehensive tracking solution. Furthermore, the device is equipped with BLE 5.1 technology, allowing for connectivity with various accessories to enhance its functionality.

Key Features:

  • Easy installation & use with Plug & Play installation and autodetection
  • Excellent performance with premium GNSS technology and high-quality components
  • Versatility with support for all types of vehicles and BLE 5.1 for various accessories
  • Secure with jamming detection, unplug detection, backup battery, and TLS v1.2 encryption
  • Broad vehicle coverage with support for various OBD and CANbus parameters
  • Full solution from one supplier with GPS tracking device and suitable accessories
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