Winrich - GT003

The Winrich GT003 Vehicle GPS Tracker is a versatile and reliable device designed for various applications. It is an ideal solution for fleet management and vehicle tracking, allowing businesses to monitor and manage their vehicles efficiently. Car service shops and car dealers can also benefit from this tracker by keeping track of their inventory and ensuring the safety of their vehicles. Insurance companies can use the GT003 to offer better coverage and lower premiums by monitoring the driving behavior of their policyholders. Car rental companies can track their vehicles to prevent theft and ensure timely returns. Taxi companies can improve their dispatching and routing systems by using real-time location data from the tracker. Dropship companies can track their deliveries and provide accurate estimated arrival times to their customers. Project vehicles can be remotely monitored and tracked to ensure they are on schedule and within the designated areas. Motorbike owners can also benefit from the GT003 by adding an extra layer of security to their vehicles.

The GT003 Vehicle GPS Tracker offers a wide range of features to enhance its functionality. It provides accurate GPS positioning, allowing users to track the location of their vehicles in real-time. The tracker also has an over-speed alarm, which alerts users when their vehicles exceed a pre-set speed limit. Playback routes feature allows users to review the historical routes taken by their vehicles. The GT003 can be easily configured and controlled via SMS, making it convenient for users to customize its settings. It also has a cut engine function, which allows users to remotely disable the engine of their vehicles in case of theft or unauthorized use. The tracker has ACC ignition detection, which detects the ignition status of the vehicle. It also offers over-voltage and low-voltage protection for the car battery storage, ensuring the longevity of the battery. The GT003 has a built-in GPS and GSM antenna for reliable and accurate tracking. It also features a burglar alarm and vibration alarm to provide additional security for the vehicle. Lastly, the tracker offers static state drifting protection, which ensures accurate positioning even in areas with weak GPS signals.

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Set Up GT003


To set the tracker send the following commands by SMS messages

  1. Factory reset
  2. Set the time zone UTC-0
  3. Set the operator APN
  4. Set the GPRS server
  5. Set the update interval 60 seconds

To check settings 886#

To check status 902#