Winrich - TK168

The Winrich TK168 is a versatile GPS tracker that can be used for personal or vehicle positioning and fleet management. It offers a range of features that make it an ideal choice for various applications. With the ability to cut off oil and power remotely, it provides an added layer of security and control. The tracker also comes with a free online real-time tracking platform, allowing you to monitor your assets from anywhere in the world.

One of the standout features of the TK168 is its high-sensitive and advanced GPS chipset, which ensures precise positioning even in weak signal cover surroundings. This makes it reliable and accurate, even in challenging environments such as narrow streets or busy city lanes. Additionally, the tracker is compact and easy to hide, making it suitable for covert tracking operations.

The TK168 supports both SMS and GPRS modes, allowing you to track and monitor your vehicles through text messages or internet-based platforms. It also offers optional features such as alarm and remote monitoring, as well as an SOS function for emergency situations. With its wide frequency range, the TK168 can be used worldwide, making it a versatile choice for international tracking needs.

Overall, the Winrich TK168 is a reliable and feature-packed GPS tracker that offers precise positioning, remote control capabilities, and a user-friendly tracking platform. Whether you need to track your personal vehicle or manage a fleet of vehicles, the TK168 is a reliable and efficient solution.

Outstanding Features:

  • Personal or vehicle GPS positioning and fleet management
  • Cutting oil and power remotely
  • Free online real-time tracking platform
  • World-wide use
  • High-sensitive and advanced GPS chipset
  • Precise positioning even in weak signal cover surroundings
  • Compact and easy to hide
  • Low power consumption
  • Supports SMS and GPRS modes
  • Supports alarm and remote monitoring (optional)
  • Supports SMS and internet positioning and tracking
  • Monitor and track the vehicle secretly
  • Positioning by phone call or via SMS
  • SOS function (optional)
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Set Up TK168


To set the tracker send the following commands by SMS messages

  1. Factory reset
  2. Set the time zone UTC-0
  3. Set the operator APN
  4. Set the GPRS server
  5. Set the update interval 60 seconds

To check settings 886#

To check status 902#