Autoseeker - AT-11

The Autoseeker AT-11 is a cutting-edge 4G full-network car charging and positioning terminal designed specifically for the Internet of Vehicles. This advanced GPS tracker combines 4G full-network wireless communication technology with GPS/BDS satellite navigation and positioning technology to provide accurate and reliable tracking capabilities. The AT-11 features an industrial-grade high-integration full-built-in antenna design, ensuring optimal signal reception and transmission. It also incorporates an axis sensor and intelligent power-saving wake-up function for efficient operation.

With the Autoseeker AT-11, users can enjoy a range of useful features including one-way call (optional), vibration alarm, overspeed alarm, and power failure alarm. These features make it an ideal choice for various applications such as the insurance industry, corporate fleet industry, automobile manufacturers/4S stores, individual users, electric new energy fields, passenger vehicles, taxis, rental vehicles, and more. Additionally, the AT-11 is compatible with a global positioning service platform, allowing users to easily track and monitor the device's location anytime and anywhere.

Outstanding Features:

  • 4G network support for fast and reliable communication
  • Real-time position acquiring for accurate tracking
  • Vehicle trip history on web tracking platform for comprehensive monitoring
  • Geo-Fence alarm and reporting to ensure security
  • Vehicle towing / Movement alarm for theft prevention
  • Over-Speed alarm and reporting to promote safe driving
  • Power saving / sleep mode for efficient energy usage
  • Easy installation without wire for hassle-free setup
  • Un-plug alert to prevent unauthorized removal
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