Autoseeker - AT-19

The Autoseeker AT-19 GPS tracker is a reliable and versatile device designed to provide accurate and real-time tracking of your vehicle. With its easy wired installation, you can securely place the tracker in a protected compartment of your vehicle, ensuring its safety and discreetness. This makes it an ideal choice for both personal and commercial use.

One of the standout features of the Autoseeker AT-19 is its support for ACC ON/OFF alarm. This means that you will receive an instant notification whenever the ignition of your vehicle is turned on or off, allowing you to stay informed about its usage. Additionally, the tracker also supports remote fuel shutoff, giving you the ability to remotely disable the fuel supply of your vehicle in case of theft or unauthorized use.

With its small size and easy-to-hide design, the Autoseeker AT-19 can be discreetly placed in your vehicle without attracting any attention. This ensures that the tracker remains undetected, providing you with covert tracking capabilities. Furthermore, the AT-19 offers geofencing functionality, allowing you to set up virtual boundaries for your vehicle. Whenever your vehicle enters or exits these predefined areas, you will receive instant alerts, giving you peace of mind and added security.

In addition to its advanced features, the Autoseeker AT-19 also offers route history and precise positioning. This means that you can easily track the movement of your vehicle over a specific period of time, as well as accurately pinpoint its location at any given moment. Whether you're monitoring a fleet of vehicles or simply want to keep tabs on your personal vehicle, the Autoseeker AT-19 is a reliable and efficient GPS tracker that delivers exceptional performance.

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