Haicom - HI-602X

The new X series are the new GPRS trackers (no DTMF feature) with new functions, such as, user can program (set up APN, port, interval, dial back tele#, etc.), control the tracker (oil cutting, sleeping mode, etc.) from our GPRS tracking plateform. User can also up date the new firmware any time from that plateform. The tracker current set up status list can also be viewed from there.Beside the program from the air functions, user can also set up the tracker from the computer with the USB cable or the SMS from the phone.

The new " X " series can also send the real time position to the set up dila back telephone numbers with a www hyperlink. The user can check the real time location from the smartphone with a postion on the map.

Inside the tracker, there is flashmemory which allow the tracker to keep recording the positions (as a data logger function) so that user can view the tracker whole trip even there is no GSM network coverage. With the inclusive Haicom Tracking software, user can view the history position data on the user friendly map.Also, with the build in motion sensor, user can setup the tracker to go sleeping mode activaly or passively to save the tracker power consumption.

HAICOM HI-602X is a very small size (43x69x18mm) GPS/GSM tracker. Inside the tracker, there are mainly contain: GPS module, GSM module, GPS antenna, GSM antenna, re-chargeable battery and it is an independent device similar to a regular mobile phone and completely self-contained. HI-602X uses the most user-friendly program on the air technology via GPRS data transfer to send back the real time GPS location data directly to another phone and user can track any moving object live on the map free of charge from our GPRS web tracking platform. With simply SMS command from any phone, user can easily get the tracker real time data back anywhere.

With HI-602X multi function tracker, one can track, remote control, tapping any object globally in real time on the map. User can check the real time location from the GPRS tracking web site or using the Haicom Tracking software installed on the PC and check the real time position on the map via the regular dial tone transmission.

HI-602X tracking Device is the best tracking solution for use in the widest range of applications, from motor homes to mobile home, from cars to caravans, from agricultural machinery to construction equipment, from containers to golf carts – all the assets that you feel could be at risk, especially if they do not have their own source of power.

Just place the tracker where there is no metal material on above, user can see his valuable anytime, anywhere from any computer. The waterproof case allows the tracker still functioning even though under tough and harsh environment. The build in big battery provide the independent power supply even if there is no external power supply. The moving sensor will let the tracker totally switch off (only the microchip standby: 2 mAh) and the tracker can operate very long, if there is not much movements. With the moving sensor, the tracker will not drain the car battery when the tracker connected to external battery power.

It is very good personal security and most importantly, parent no need to pay monthly fee after purchasing the unit. After purchasing, user can put any local GPRS enabled SIM card (or pre-paid SIM card, etc.) By adjusting the GPRS sending interval, user only need to pay the phone call charge when someday he wants to do the tracking. Also, by set up the 6 prioritize call back telephone numbers inside HI-602X, user can press the SOS button and the tracker will immediately send the SMS with GPS location to the preset telephone numbers about the conditions. User can also press the Geo fencing button so that the tracker will send the SMS warning when the tracker out of the preset circle area. The Geo fencing is also very useful for security purpose to restrict your vehicle, moving property movement. For instance, the tracker will automatically inform you with SMS when your car is out of the preset area circle.

User can also connect HI-602X to all kinds of optional car kits accessories so that the user can globally control the vehicle petro supply or electricity by pressing few phone buttons from any phone. For example, By connecting the optional vibration sensor, the tracker will also actively warning user when there is any movement on the vehicle. By connecting the microphone to the car kit box, user can remotely tap the conversation from any phone.

This information only is for informational purposes only, Plaspy does not have relationship with the device's manufacturer, for more information check the manufacturer's website or user manual.

Set Up HI-602X


To set the tracker send the following commands by SMS messages, the sample setup the device password is l6SN, this password is the default

  1. Set the operator APN
  2. Set the GPRS server
  3. Set the interval update to 60 seconds