Haicom - HI-602X

The Haicom HI-602X is part of the new X series of GPRS trackers, offering advanced features and functionality. With the ability to program and control the tracker from a GPRS tracking platform, users can easily set up parameters such as APN, port, interval, and dial back telephone numbers. Firmware updates can also be done directly from the platform. Additionally, the tracker's current setup status can be viewed, providing users with convenient access to important information. One standout feature of the HI-602X is its ability to send real-time position updates to designated telephone numbers with a hyperlink to view the location on a map. This allows users to easily track the movement of their assets using a smartphone. The tracker also includes flash memory, enabling it to function as a data logger and record positions even in areas with no GSM network coverage. The Haicom Tracking software provides a user-friendly interface for viewing the history of position data on a map. Furthermore, the built-in motion sensor allows users to set the tracker to sleeping mode actively or passively, helping to conserve power consumption. Measuring just 43x69x18mm, the HI-602X is a compact GPS/GSM tracker that operates independently, similar to a regular mobile phone. It includes a GPS module, GSM module, GPS antenna, GSM antenna, and a rechargeable battery. The tracker utilizes user-friendly program-on-the-air technology via GPRS data transfer to send real-time GPS location data directly to another phone. Users can track any moving object live on a map free of charge through the GPRS web tracking platform. With a simple SMS command from any phone, users can easily retrieve real-time data from the tracker anywhere. The HI-602X is a versatile tracker suitable for a wide range of applications, including motor homes, cars, caravans, agricultural machinery, construction equipment, containers, and golf carts. Its waterproof case ensures functionality even in tough and harsh environments. The built-in battery provides independent power supply, and the tracker can operate for extended periods with minimal movement, thanks to the moving sensor. This feature prevents the tracker from draining the car battery when connected to external power. The HI-602X offers excellent personal security, and users are not required to pay monthly fees after purchasing the unit. By inserting a local GPRS-enabled SIM card, users can adjust the GPRS sending interval and only pay for phone call charges when tracking is needed. The tracker also includes an SOS button for immediate SMS alerts with GPS location to preset telephone numbers, as well as a Geo-fencing feature to send SMS warnings when the tracker moves outside a preset area. Optional car kit accessories can be connected to the HI-602X for global vehicle control, such as controlling fuel supply or electricity with a few phone button presses. Additionally, the tracker can be connected to a microphone for remote conversation tapping.

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Set Up HI-602X


To set the tracker send the following commands by SMS messages, the sample setup the device password is rjva, this password is the default

  1. Set the operator APN
  2. Set the GPRS server
  3. Set the interval update to 60 seconds