Haicom - HI-604

The Haicom HI-604 is a state-of-the-art GPS tracking solution that offers a 4-in-1 solution for GPS, GSM, GPRS, SMS, and DTMF tracking in real-time. This multi-function tracker combines the latest technology with affordability, making it a flexible and cost-effective choice for various tracking needs.

With the HI-604, users can track and remotely control any object globally in real-time on a map. The real-time location can be checked through the GPRS tracking website or the Haicom Tracking software installed on a PC. The tracker can be placed anywhere without metal material, allowing users to monitor their valuable assets anytime, anywhere, from any computer. The waterproof case ensures that the tracker functions even in tough and harsh environments, and the built-in big battery provides independent power supply, even without external power. The moving sensor allows the tracker to switch off and operate for a long time, potentially years, with minimal movements, preventing draining of the car battery when connected to external power.

The Haicom HI-604 offers a range of outstanding features, including a built-in moving sensor with deep sleeping mode, a high sensitivity GPS, worldwide coverage using GSM/GPRS/SMS/DTMF, and a waterproof case for harsh conditions. It also comes with a strong magnetic mounting for easy attachment, making it convenient to use. The tracker provides 24/7 access to the location of all your assets, offers live real-time tracking with configurable update intervals, and allows you to monitor assets on demand or at regular intervals. It also provides security, accountability, and enables the recovery of stolen assets. The HI-604 is suitable for various applications, including police force and law enforcement, private investigations, GPS asset tracking, cargo tracking, surveillance work, anti-theft, and asset recovery.

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Set Up HI-604


To set the tracker send the following commands by SMS messages, the sample setup the device password is ZUSG, this password is the default

  1. Set the operator APN
  2. Set the GPRS server
  3. Set the interval update to 60 seconds