Reachfar - RF-V43

The Reachfar RF-V43 is a versatile GPS tracker designed to keep your pets safe and secure. With its 4G network connectivity, you can track your pets in real-time, ensuring their safety no matter where they are. The RF-V43 offers three tracking ways, including GPS, LBS, and WiFi, providing accurate and reliable location information.

This smart and lightweight tracker is equipped with a range of features to enhance your pet's safety. The GPS-fence feature allows you to set up virtual boundaries, and you will receive an alert if your pet goes outside of the designated area. The WiFi-fence feature works similarly, using WiFi signals to create a safe zone for your pet. The RF-V43 is also IP67 waterproof, ensuring it can withstand any weather conditions.

The RF-V43 comes with a smart LED light that can be controlled remotely, making it easy to locate your pet in low-light conditions. It also tracks your pet's sport data, allowing you to monitor their activity levels and ensure they are getting enough exercise. In case of an emergency, the RF-V43 has a calling feature that allows you to communicate with your pet. The tracker also has fast charging capabilities and a low battery alarm, ensuring that you never lose track of your pet due to a dead battery. With the RF-V43, you can navigate to your pet's location with ease, ensuring their safety and your peace of mind.

Outstanding Features:

  • 4G network connectivity for real-time tracking
  • Three tracking ways: GPS, LBS, and WiFi
  • GPS-fence and WiFi-fence for setting virtual boundaries
  • IP67 waterproof for durability in any weather conditions
  • Smart LED light for easy visibility in low-light conditions
  • Sport data tracking to monitor your pet's activity levels
  • Calling feature for communication with your pet
  • Fast charging capabilities for convenience
  • Low battery alarm to prevent loss of tracking
  • Easy navigation to your pet's location
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