WanWay - GS21

The WanWay GS21 is an in-vehicle OBD II positioning device that offers a range of features to meet the needs of car monitoring, online car-hailing, and car rental scenarios. With its compact size of 47x20x43mm, the GS21 is easy to install and fix in any vehicle. It comes with a built-in 60mAh rechargeable battery, ensuring that it can continue sending positioning data to the platform terminal even after power off. Additionally, the device is equipped with an anti-disassembly alarm, providing an extra layer of security.

The GS21 OBD GPS Tracker operates on quad-band frequencies (850/1900/900/1800MHz) and offers GPS accuracy of up to 5 meters. It features a hot start time of less than 5 seconds, a warm start time of less than 15 seconds, and a cold start time of less than 30 seconds in an open sky environment. The device is equipped with a high-sensitivity GPS chip from MTK, ensuring reliable and accurate positioning.

Some of the outstanding features of the WanWay GS21 include real-time tracking, malfunction diagnostics, trace playback, user-defined geo-fence, built-in battery, and multiple alert protections. With these features, users can easily monitor their vehicles, diagnose any issues, playback historical routes, set up virtual boundaries, and receive alerts for various events. Whether you are a fleet manager, car rental company, or individual looking to keep track of your vehicle, the GS21 offers a reliable and convenient solution.

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Set Up GS21


To configure the tracker, send the following commands via text messages

  1. Configure your carrier's APN
  2. Setup the GPRS server
  3. Set up the update interval
  4. Switch to GPRS mode

To check the configurationPARAM#

To check tracker statusSTATUS#