WanWay - GS22

GS22 is a 4G vehicle OBD || positioning device that can realize functions such as electronic fences, remote tracking, and vehicle diagnosis. The terminal can meet the needs of related scenarios such as car monitoring. online car rental, and car rental.

GS22 size is 60x46x22mm, small size, easy to install and fix, the product has built-in 140mAh rechargeable battery, and it can still send positioning data to the platform terminal continuously after power off, dismantling the device can realize functions such as disassembly alarm.

Product Parameters

Device Name OBD GPS Tracker
Model GS22
Features 4G Vehicle Tracking
Device Dimension 60mm(L)*46mm(W)*22mm(H)
Device weight 56g
Quad Band 850/1900/900/1800MHz
GPS Accuracy ≤5m
Voltage Input 9-35v
Back-up Battery 140mAh
  Hot Start<1S(Open Sky)
Positioning Time                             Warm Start<15S
  Cold Start<32S(Open Sky)
GPS Sensitivity -160dBm
Tracking Sensitivity -162dBm
Operating Temperature     -20℃—75℃
GPS chip MTK
GSM/GPS Antenna                                Built-in Design   


1. Real-time Tracking
2. Malfunction Diagnostics
3. Trace Playback
4. User Define Geo-fence
5. Built-in Battery
6. Wifi Hotspot Supported


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Set Up GS22


To configure the tracker, send the following commands via text messages

  1. Configure your carrier's APN
  2. Setup the GPRS server
  3. Set up the update interval
  4. Switch to GPRS mode

To check the configurationPARAM#

To check tracker statusSTATUS#