Change Log - 2023-01-16

  • Added a feature to see the status of the digital outputs of the tracking devices. Clicking on a marker on the map, you can see detailed information about the status of the digital outputs of the device.

  • Notifications have been added to the map when a GPRS command is sent and when a response is received. This allows users to control and monitor the actions being executed remotely on the tracking devices via GPRS commands.

  • The map view of the device movement trace on the map has been modified. Users can see the current location of the device via a marker on the map and can also see a line representing the movement of the device in the last 5 locations visited. This allows users to have a more detailed and complete view of the device's movement and helps to detect patterns or trends in its movement, also the path was animated to find the direction of the movement.

  • Now GPRS command response information sent to the devices is saved. This allows users to review command delivery date and response information of commands sent in the past, useful for verifying if commands have been executed correctly, or to have a record of actions performed on devices. This information can be viewed on the devices page in the commands section.

  • Optimized sort of devices by connection date, devices are sorted more efficiently, making it easier to navigate and keep track of devices.
    Fixed a problem with statistics requests for users with more than 100 devices, now they can get accurate and updated statistical information about their devices.