Change Log - 2023-04-24

App Update for Plaspy on iOS:
We're excited to introduce the latest improvements to our Plaspy app on iOS! We've worked hard to provide you with a more user-friendly and intuitive experience. Here's a detailed overview of what's new:

  1. Native Google Maps compatibility: We've integrated Google Maps natively into our app to bring you a smoother and more accurate navigation experience.
  2. SMS commands without an internet connection: You can now send SMS commands even when your phone doesn't have an internet connection, ensuring uninterrupted tracking of your devices.
  3. New user interface: We've completely redesigned the user interface to make it more intuitive and easy to use, allowing you to quickly access all the features.
  4. Bug fixes: We've addressed several bugs to improve the stability and overall performance of our app.

Update now and enjoy these enhancements in your GPS tracking experience with Plaspy.

Changes in the Plaspy mobile app for Android:
We're thrilled to share the latest updates to the Plaspy app on Android with you. We've made several improvements to offer you an even more satisfying experience:

  • Improved icon loading: We've resolved issues related to icon loading, providing a smoother and visually appealing experience for our users.
  • Android 13 compatibility: Our app is now fully compatible with Android 13. We've made the necessary updates and adjustments to ensure optimal performance on devices running the latest Android operating system version.

Changes in the custom mobile app for iOS:

  • Status bar fix: We've resolved the issue affecting the display of pages on iOS phones with a notch in the status bar.

Changes in the custom mobile app for Android:

  • Fixed background startup issue on Android 12.
  • Implemented coroutines instead of Alarms for background location updates.
  • The service checks if it should run at phone startup when the tracking option is enabled.
  • Added battery optimization window for users tracking devices, allowing them to disable the app's power-saving options.
  • Service notifications update according to the app's status.
  • The location update service runs continuously instead of using a timer, adapting to Android's new restrictions.

Don't wait any longer and update now to enjoy all these improvements in your GPS tracking experience with Plaspy!