Change Log - 2023-06-26

New improvements in customizable report generation:
We're pleased to announce a significant enhancement in our report generation functionality! We now offer a customizable interface for creating reports according to your needs. Here's a detailed overview of the new features:

  1. Creation of custom reports: From now on, you'll have the ability to create your own reports, selecting the columns that you need for your analysis. This will allow you to focus on the most relevant data for you, facilitating your tracking and management tasks.

  2. Custom filters: In addition to selecting columns of interest, you can add custom filters to your queries. This will help you refine the report results, allowing you to focus on specific information according to your needs.

  3. Use existing reports as a base: If you don't want to start from scratch, you can use existing reports as a starting point and customize them to your liking. Add or remove columns, apply filters, and adjust the report according to your requirements.

  4. Report history: You can consult the history of the generated reports to keep a record and track your previous analyses.

  5. Artificial Intelligence for reports: We've integrated artificial intelligence features to manipulate the report according to your needs. This advanced feature will allow you to extract the maximum utility from your data. With these new tools, report creation in Plaspy is more powerful and flexible than ever. We hope you enjoy these improvements and that they help you optimize your tracking and management activities.