Change Log - 2023-11-30

  1. Enhanced Excel Report Visualization: Alerts linked to locations are now displayed more clearly when you download reports in Excel. Say goodbye to confusion!

  2. New Warning Message in Mobile App: To comply with the latest app store regulations, we've added a warning message that appears when using the phone tracking feature in our mobile app. Your privacy and security are our top priority.
  3. Improved Map Viewing with Active Alerts: We've fixed an issue with scrolling on the map when there are active alerts. Now, you can view the map without any interruptions, significantly enhancing your user experience.
  4. Intelligent Review of Past Locations: If a device sends old location data, our system now automatically checks and corrects any inconsistencies, especially in locations recorded in power-saving mode.
  5. Protocol H02 Update: We've added the ICCID package, which includes the SIM card ID, to the H02 protocol for better device management.
  6. Faster Report Loading: We've optimized report loading so they're faster now, with address names loading in the background. Access your information quicker than ever!
  7. Refined Map Details: When loading a map on a new page, we now directly display the selected report in detail, making navigation and understanding of the information easier.
    These updates are designed to enhance your experience with our application, ensuring that the information you need is efficiently and securely at your fingertips.