Change Log - 2023-12-05

1. Advanced Customization of Map Alerts:

  • Route and Checkpoint Alert Configuration: Now you can customize alerts on the map for routes and checkpoints.
  • Adjustable Route Width: Set the width of the routes on the map, with a default value of 400 meters.

  • Customizable Checkpoint Radius: Define the radius of the checkpoints, set by default at 200 meters.

2. New Features for Vehicle Monitoring:

  • 'Idle' Value Added: We've introduced a new calculated value called 'Idle'. It indicates the time a vehicle remains parked without movement, with sensor 1 activated.

  • Idle Time Statistic: A new statistic showing how long the vehicle has been in Idle mode.

  • Idle Time Alert: This alert is triggered when the vehicle enters Idle mode.


3. User Interface Improvements:

  • Idle Button on the Map: Find a new button represented by an hourglass on the map. This button displays the Idle time of the vehicle, visible to the right of the markers.

  • Idle Time in Activity Summary: Now the activity summary includes the time the vehicle has spent Idle.

  • Inclusion in Reports: You can now add the Idle time variable in the generated reports.

These updates significantly enhance the monitoring and customization capabilities in Plaspy, providing more precise and flexible tools for vehicle management.