Change Log - 2023-07-06

We're thrilled to introduce the new improvements and features we've incorporated in our latest Plaspy update. We've implemented significant changes to make managing your information more convenient and efficient. Here are the details of the changes:

  1. Query options on the map: We've added the option on the map to select the type of query you want to perform. Now, you can not only make queries directly on the map, but also download the information in Excel. This download will include the report columns and the filters configured in it, allowing you to handle information more effectively.

  2. Report details on the map: In the map details section, you can now select the type of report you want to see. This will allow you to view the report columns directly in the details, providing a more comprehensive and detailed view of relevant information.

  3. Correction in the calculation of the route: We've made adjustments to the calculation of the route in the activity summary to provide more accurate and reliable data.

These changes have been designed to enhance your experience and facilitate information management in Plaspy. We hope you find these new features useful!.