Change Log - 2024-01-11

  1. General Platform Improvements: We've updated all components of our platform to enhance performance, stability, and security. This upgrade ensures a smoother and more secure operation of the platform.

  2. Tracker Sensors Customization: Users can now rearrange the order of digital sensors on trackers. For instance, you can switch sensor 1 with sensor 3, and vice versa, for a more effective and personalized sensor display.

  3. Google Account Login: We have introduced the option to sign in using Google accounts. This new feature makes accessing our platform easier, allowing for quicker and more secure authentication.

  4. Enhanced Security in Password Change: To better protect your account, changing your password will now automatically log you out of all devices associated with your account. This step increases security and safeguards your information.

  5. GT06 Protocol Update: We have encoded the types of LBS 4G packets in the GT06 protocol, improving the accuracy and efficiency of data transmission.