Change Log - 2023-02-13

  • New statistics download function. In the previous version, it was only possible to download the current statistics for all devices or for a specific device. Now, the option to download all statistics for the selected devices in a single file or in multiple files has been added. In the single file option, each Excel file sheet contains a different statistic, and all devices are mixed. In the numerous file option, a ZIP compressed file is downloaded, where each device is in a separate Excel file, and within that file, each statistic is on a different sheet.

  • A feature has been added that allows users to select multiple devices and concurrently view the activity summary of each device. This summary includes information such as the trip in a selected date range, alerts generated, sensor time, fuel consumption, time on the move, etc. This enhancement improves the user's ability to have an overview of the activity of multiple devices at the same time.