CalmAmp - LMU-800

The CalmAmp LMU-800 is a versatile and cost-effective vehicle tracking device that is designed for easy installation in automobiles. It is an ideal solution for applications such as stolen vehicle recovery, vehicle finance, and auto rental, where a backup battery is required. With its small size and superior GPS performance, the LMU-800 offers reliable tracking capabilities for any 12 or 24 volt mobile vehicle.

One of the standout features of the LMU-800 is its internal 200 mAh backup battery, which ensures continuous tracking even in the event of a power loss. This is particularly useful in situations where a vehicle's battery is disconnected or drained. Additionally, the LMU-800 features ultra-low power sleep modes and a 3-axis accelerometer for motion sensing, allowing for efficient power management and accurate tracking.

The LMU-800 also offers flexibility in terms of customization. It utilizes CalAmp's advanced on-board alert engine, PEG (Programmable Event Generator), which allows users to define exception-based rules based on various conditions such as time, date, motion, location, and input. This enables users to tailor the device to their specific tracking requirements.

Furthermore, the LMU-800 is equipped with CalAmp's management and maintenance system, PULS (Programming, Updates, and Logistics System), which enables over-the-air configuration and firmware updates. This ensures that the device can be easily managed and maintained remotely, reducing the need for manual intervention and minimizing downtime.

In summary, the CalmAmp LMU-800 is a reliable and feature-rich vehicle tracking device that offers excellent field reliability and cost-effectiveness. Its compact size, superior GPS performance, and advanced customization options make it an ideal choice for a wide range of automotive tracking applications.

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Set Up LMU-800


To set the tracker send the following commands by SMS messages, the ID is the MID 10 digits replied by JBV command

  1. Set the operator APN
  2. Set the APN operator username
  3. Set the APN operator password
  4. Set the GPRS server
  5. Set the server port
  6. Reboot the tracker

To check the settings !RO