Megastek - GVT800

The Megastek GVT800 is a powerful 4G vehicle GPS tracker designed for heavy-duty locomotives, long-distance buses, school buses, and fleet management. With its GPS/GPRS technology, this tracker provides accurate and real-time tracking information for efficient monitoring and management of vehicles.

The GVT800 features a built-in terminal that supports a GPS module and a mobile communication module. This allows it to send positioning data obtained by the GPS module to a designated mobile phone via SMS. Additionally, the data can be sent to an internet server via GPRS, enabling easy inquiry, monitoring, and management of the tracker on a computer.

With its compact size of 84 x 66 x 30mm and lightweight design of 45g, the GVT800 is easy to install and does not add unnecessary bulk to the vehicle. It operates in a wide temperature range from -20 to 55 degrees Celsius, making it suitable for various environments.

Key Features:

  • 4G GPS/GPRS vehicle tracker
  • Built-in terminal for GPS and mobile communication modules
  • Real-time tracking and monitoring
  • Supports SMS and GPRS data transmission
  • Compact size and lightweight design
  • Wide operating temperature range

Technical Specifications:

Input voltage DC 9-33V/1.5A
Built-in battery Rechargeable lithium battery 750mAH(3.7V)
Volume 84 x 66 x 30mm
Weight 45g
Operating temperature -20 to 55 degrees Celsius
GSM Module Four-band GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
GPS chip The latest Ublox chip
GPS sensitivity -160DB
GPS frequency L1, 157.42MHz
C/A code 1.023mhz chip rate
Channel 50
Position accuracy <10M, 2D RMS
Speed accuracy 0.1m/s
Time Accuracy Satellite time 1 microsecond synchronization, average 0.1 seconds with the new time
Hot starts An average of 1 second
Warm starts An average of 3 seconds
Cold starts An average of 37 seconds
Maximum height 18,000 meters
Maximum speed 500m/s
Maximum acceleration Less than 4g
Work Standby Personal mode standby for 10-12 days and car mode standby for 12 hours
LED lights Show power, GPS, GSM, and battery status
Key On Key, SOS button
Interface 3 digital outputs, 3 digital inputs, 2 analog inputs, 4 RS232 interfaces, 1 RS485 interface
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Set Up GVT800


To set the tracker send the following commands by SMS messages, the sample setup the device password is hWTClc, this password is the default

Type the IMEI number
  1. Set the device ID
    MhWTClc,22,{{('XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX' + imei.substring(0,15)).slice(-15)}}
  2. Set the operator APN
  3. Set the update interval 60 seconds
  4. Set the GPRS server
  5. Enable GPRS mode