Xirgo - XT-6200

The Xirgo XT-6200 is a global, remote asset tracking device that offers self-contained tracking and monitoring capabilities. It is designed to provide reliable and accurate tracking for a wide range of applications, including mobile resource management, high-value asset management, and remote asset tracking. Whether you need to track generators, containers, trailers, or any other valuable assets, the XT-6200 is a versatile solution that can meet your needs.

One of the standout features of the XT-6200 is its ability to monitor and control assets through proprietary protocols and a serial interface. This allows for seamless integration with existing systems and provides real-time visibility into the location and status of your assets. The device also features a ZigBee® Mesh Network, which enables reliable communication and data transmission over long distances.

The XT-6200 is equipped with embedded cellular and GPS antennas, ensuring strong and consistent signal reception. It also boasts an integrated high-precision GPS engine, which provides accurate location tracking even in challenging environments. The device offers fully customizable features, allowing you to tailor its functionality to your specific requirements. With RS-232 and USB ports, you have the flexibility to connect external devices and expand the capabilities of the tracker.

In terms of storage capacity, the XT-6200 comes with 16 Mb flash memory, with an option to upgrade to 64 Mb. This allows for the storage of important data and ensures that you have access to historical tracking information when needed. Additionally, the device offers optional accelerometer and motion detector features, which can provide valuable insights into the movement and behavior of your assets.

The XT-6200 is powered by a 6600 mAh battery, providing long-lasting operation and minimizing the need for frequent recharging. With its robust construction and advanced features, the Xirgo XT-6200 is an excellent choice for businesses and organizations that require reliable and accurate remote asset tracking.

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Set Up XT-6200


To set the tracker send the following commands by SMS messages

  1. Set the operator APN
  2. Set the GPRS server