CanTrack - G183

The CanTrack G183 is a high-level OBD GPS tracker designed for vehicles. It supports various protocols including OBDII, JOBD, J1939, and J1708, making it compatible with a wide range of vehicles. Additionally, it supports 2nd-development, allowing for customization and integration with other systems.

One of the standout features of the G183 is its fast and precise GPS positioning, ensuring accurate tracking of your vehicle's location. It supports multiple positioning systems including GPS-America, COMPASS-China, QZSS-Japan, GLONASS-Russia, and Galileow-Europe. This ensures reliable positioning no matter where your vehicle is located.

The G183 also provides real-time car status updates, including water temperature, air intake pressure, RPM, speed, intake air temperature, air flow, and more. These updates can be invaluable for monitoring the health and performance of your vehicle. Additionally, the tracker can upload real-time mileage, fuel consumption, trip time, and DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) for comprehensive vehicle monitoring.

With the CanTrack G183, you can also receive real-time alarms for various events such as speeding, harsh acceleration/deceleration, quick lane changes, sharp turns, collisions, over speed, low voltage, park without flameout, ignition/flameout, towed, fault indication, higher temperature, SOS, and dongle plug and unplug. This ensures that you are promptly notified of any potential issues or emergencies.

The G183 also offers remote debugging functionality and SMS inquiry for car position, providing convenient ways to manage and monitor your vehicle. With its comprehensive features and compatibility with various protocols, the CanTrack G183 is an excellent choice for fleet management, vehicle tracking, and monitoring applications.

Outstanding Features:

  • Supports OBDII/JOBD/J1939/J1708 protocols
  • Fast and precise GPS positioning
  • Real-time car status updates
  • Real-time mileage, fuel consumption, and trip time uploading
  • Real-time DTCs uploading
  • Real-time alarms for various events
  • Data uploading automatically after blind area
  • Remote debugging functionality
  • SMS inquiry for car position
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