CanTrack - GF10

The CanTrack GF10 Finger Tracker is a compact and versatile GPS tracker that offers real-time tracking capabilities. With its finger-sized design measuring 44mm x 24mm x 19mm, this tracker is incredibly portable and can be easily concealed or attached to various objects for discreet tracking purposes.

Equipped with GPS, LBS, and AGPS tracking technologies, the GF10 provides accurate location information that can be accessed through SMS, platform, or mobile app. Whether you need to keep an eye on your personal belongings, track a vehicle, or monitor the whereabouts of a loved one, this tracker offers reliable and precise tracking capabilities.

The GF10 Finger Tracker also comes with a range of useful features to enhance its functionality. It includes a geo-fence feature that allows you to set virtual boundaries and receive alerts whenever the tracker enters or exits the designated area. Additionally, it has a low battery alarm to ensure that you never lose track of the device's power status. The vibration alarm feature provides an extra layer of security by alerting you whenever the tracker is moved or tampered with.

With power-saving and sleep modes, the GF10 is designed to optimize battery life and extend its usage time. You can also activate the GPS for a fixed period of time, allowing you to conserve battery power when continuous tracking is not required. Furthermore, this tracker supports memory storage, ensuring that location data is stored even when GSM signal is lost.

Overall, the CanTrack GF10 Finger Tracker is a reliable and compact GPS tracking solution that offers accurate tracking, versatile usage, and a range of useful features. Whether you need to track personal belongings, vehicles, or loved ones, this tracker provides the necessary tools to keep you informed and in control.

Key Features:

  • Real-time GPS+LBS+AGPS tracking
  • Accurate tracking via SMS/Platform/APP
  • Geo-fence and low battery alarm
  • Vibration alarm for tamper detection
  • Power-saving and sleep modes
  • Activate GPS for a fixed time
  • Supports memory storage when GSM signal is lost
  • Standby time of 5-6 days
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