CanTrack - TK08A

The TK08A Motorcycle GPS Tracker by CanTrack is a versatile and reliable device designed for tracking and monitoring vehicles, scooters, and motorcycles. With its compact design and built-in antennas, this GPS tracker can easily connect to the vehicle's battery to acquire real-time data, including the car's position, ignition status, and speed. It can also remotely disable the engine for anti-theft purposes. All this information is uploaded via GPRS to a server for further analysis, statistics, and storage.

With its wide working range of 9-90V DC, the TK08A is suitable for a variety of applications. It is ideal for fleet management and vehicle tracking, allowing businesses to monitor their vehicles and optimize their operations. Car service shops can also benefit from this GPS tracker by keeping track of their customers' vehicles and providing efficient and timely service. Additionally, vehicle insurance companies can use the TK08A to offer better insurance plans and reduce the risk of theft. Motorcycle and electric bike owners can also rely on this tracker to protect their valuable assets from theft.

The TK08A Motorcycle GPS Tracker offers a range of outstanding features to ensure accurate and reliable tracking. It supports real-time tracking through SMS, platform, and mobile app, allowing users to monitor their vehicles from anywhere. The tracker also provides speeding and geo-fence alarms, alerting users when the vehicle exceeds a certain speed or enters or exits a predefined area. The ACC ON SMS alarm notifies users when the vehicle's ignition is turned on, providing an extra layer of security. In case of power cut, the built-in battery ensures that the tracker continues to function and sends an alarm. The TK08A also features a vibration alarm, power-saving mode during parking, memory storage when GSM signal is lost, and support for angle change upload location. Additionally, it offers the ability to disable fuel or electricity remotely, further enhancing its anti-theft capabilities.

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